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Nov 25, 2012 12:00pm EST
about that from? >> yes, the economy has been growing nonstop since 1961 and it was absolutely powerful, moving ahead that a steam engine in 64 and 65 and begins to have trouble in 65 and another minor breaking point here. in the early 60s i went through a book called print executions which covers in part this. this was a time of the grandiose expectations and johnson was nothing if not grandiose. he's larger than the state of texas. he's this great big guy. not much of a speaker, but really on top of everything. people are contrasted into obama and usually obama doesn't come out in these and the way johnson managed congress. he's constantly on the phone, counseling at the white house, really on top of things. clearly he wanted to get these things done. people used to think johnson was this characteristically boisterous texan image conservative in civil rights. but i will pour into his background. by 1965, clearly with a strong liberal and believed that government could do good things and he would get them done. >> so much of what has happened in american society during the late 20th ce
Nov 25, 2012 9:00pm EST
efficient. slavery was the basis of the english and the spanish and the french economy in the slave trade and a good clean ann rejected these petitions as the king george. by the time the founding fathers came along, she had almost half a million slaves to be where were they going to go? what could you do with them? they were largely unskilled and there were no opportunities in the south. one application of rolled into another plantation. there were no villages and towns and cities as there were in the north and in the north people could flee their sleeves and there were opportunities in the manufacturing where they could learn the skills and serve as apprentices. the only opportunity for the work or field hands and then when the cotton gin was invented and came in, that i absorbed all of the slaves and the unskilled labor, and you now have instead of the patrician plantation owners coming you now have these rather cool middle-income people buying property and planting the cotton. prior year to that one most of them were against slavery because the slaves competed with them for jobs but u
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2